Physical Therapy

We offer a wide gamut of services that fit almost any need!

Pre-Op Evaluations and Conditioning
To help cut down on functional limitations after surgery, some doctors will recommend starting your physical therapy before your surgery. Building strength, endurance and flexibility prior to surgery can help to reduce some of the functionality lost after. While this is a good approach for some, it may not be for others. Be sure to talk with your doctor to see which approach would work best for you as an individual.

Ergonomic Consultation and Education
Many jobs today require you to sit at a desk in front of a computer. This can lead to discomfort and problems with the neck, back and spine. With our ergonomic consultation and education we will teach you the best way to setup your desk for optimal posture and comfort to reduce strain on the body.

Manual Therapy
There are various types of manual therapy ranging from joint mobilizations to the traditional massage. At our clinic we provide a wide gamut of manual therapy services to fit your needs and to get you healthy as quickly as possible.

Therapeutic Massage
Unlike a traditional massage at the spa, therapeutic massage targets mobilizing muscles and other soft tissues that may have tightened due to surgery or injury. There are a wide variety of techniques and styles so we will work with you to create a regimen that is both comfortable yet beneficial for you.

Surface EMG Neuromuscular Re-Education
With the help of biofeedback equipment, we can help to recover the muscle control lost post surgery or injury. Whether used alone or in conjunction with electrical stimulation, Neuromuscular Re-Education helps to rebuild and reinforce the neuron signals so you regain the muscular control.

Gait Training
Coming back from injury or surgery isn’t always easy, especially when you develop a “hitch in your giddy-up”. With our gait training techniques, we can analyze your walking pattern, educate and train you how to correct your walking pattern and get you back to full mobility.

Orthotic Casting and Training
Sometimes store bought orthotics just aren’t enough. For those wanting a custom fit orthotic need look no further. We offer complete custom casting and training at an affordable price. In some cases, insurance may cover the cost of the casting. For more information give us a call!

Therapeutic Ultrasound
The use of inaudible high frequency acoustic vibrations allows therapeutic ultrasound to be used as a valuable treatment to gently heat tissues and help stimulate the healing response in some injuries.

Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim)
Electrical Stimulation or “E-Stim”, is the use of controlled electrical currents in different waveforms to help stimulate the body’s healing process and helps to reduce pain, muscle spasms, and swelling.

Athletic Taping
Need that little extra support for that wrist or ankle while you are active? Whether you are an athlete or just an active weekend warrior, we provide a wide variety of taping techniques that we can provide for you and even teach you how to perform.

Mechanical Traction
Our pneumatic traction table is used for low back and neck traction.  Traction can be used to decrease nerve root impingement, improve joint mobility, help decrease muscle spasms, and used in the treatment of herniated discs.

Therapeutic Exercise Education
One of the primary tools of rehabilitation, exercise prescription by a Physical Therapist can be used to restore range of motion, strength, stability, endurance and balance.  All these physical factors combine to return an individual to normal everyday function and improve quality of life.