We accept a wide variety of insurances, though some may require additional paperwork listed below.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Midlands Choice
Secure Horizons
Tricare for Life
United Health Care

If you are not sure whether or not we accept your insurance feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to find out for you!

Note: Although we may contract with your insurance company, there is no way for us to guarantee what or even if your insurance company will pay for our services. All remaining balances not paid for by insurance will be the responsibility of the account holder. In order to prevent problems with billing and payment, we recommend you follow the Quick Tips below.

Quick Tips
Before attending your first session at any Physical Therapy clinic, it is a good idea to call your insurance company (the number is usually on the back of your card) and find out if they cover “Outpatient Physical Therapy” services. You should also ask the following:

– “How many visits do I get for Outpatient Physical Therapy?”
– “Have I utilized any of these visits? If so, how many do I have remaining?”
– “Are these visits combined with other services like Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Chiropractic, etc.?”
– “Am I able to request more visits if needed?”
– “What is my coverage year (when do visits start over)?”
– “Do I have co-pay? If so, how much?”
– “What is my deductible and how much of it have I met?”
– “Do I need a physician’s referral for physical therapy?”
– “Are there any limits on services or modalities?”

Finding out the answers to these questions before your first visit will help prevent problems down the road in case your insurance doesn’t cover some physical therapy services.

If your insurance requires a co-payment, we require this to be paid before the day’s services are rendered.

Self Pay
Due to the convenience and time saved by not having to bill insurance companies and run paperwork, we do offer a 20% discount to those who self-pay for Physical Therapy services on the day of service. We accept Cash, Check or Credit Cards (including FlexPay cards).

If you have any questions regarding payment, feel free to give us a call! (402) 488-4282