What is Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy is the practice of using therapeutic exercise along with modalities by a certified and licensed healthcare professional. Physical Therapy helps a wide variety of individuals of all ages and suffering from a wide variety of physical ailments.

What is a Physical Therapist?
A Physical Therapist is an individual who has completed an education that includes a undergraduate bachelors degree as well as a masters or more commonly now, a doctoral degree in an accredited graduate physical therapy program. Once physical therapists graduate from their respective programs they must sit for a comprehensive national board exam in order to become certified and earn their PT credential. In most states, physical therapists must also become licensed in order to practice.

Why should I choose Exstrom Physical Therapy?
We are a small privately owned clinic that has been in business for over 19 years. We have built strong relationships with local physicians and other health professionals and built our reputation from the ground up. Most of our referrals come from either word of mouth from past patients or referrals from doctors and health care providers that trust in our care. Still aren’t sure? Stop by sometime to meet our staff and take a look around!

How do I schedule my first visit?
Visit our ‘New Patient Registration’ page for instructions on how to schedule your first visit with us

Do I need a prescription for Physical Therapy?
This answer depends on your insurance and where you live. Different states have different rules and regulations on direct access to Physical Therapists. Also, some insurance companies require you to see a physician and get a prescription for Physical Therapy in order for them to pay for it. If you aren’t sure, call your insurance company and you can certainly call us to find out!

Who will I see when I receive treatment?
Depending on the time of day you come you may see one of our two certified and licensed Physical Therapists. During your entire time at our clinic you will work with your Physical Therapist and several Physical Therapy Aides that will help guide you through your exercises to make sure you are performing them correctly as well as making sure you are comfortable while performing them.

After my initial visit will I ever see my Physical Therapist again?
YES! At our clinic our therapists make it their top priority to check-in with their patients every time they are in. They will assess your progress and possibly change protocols as well as make sure everything is going well with you. If there are any changes, good or bad, this is the best time to let them know so they can make adjustments as necessary.

What is the staff like?
We work hard to maintain a staff that is more like a family that is outgoing, sociable, courteous and has a true care and focus for our patients. Each one of our employees background differs in interests, personality and even hometown, so you never know what you will end up talking about!

What should I bring to my first visit?
You should bring: Your prescription, insurance card(s), workers compensation information, any forms you filled out ahead of time, loose fitting athletic clothing and

What should I expect at my first visit?
If you pre-registered on our website and brought in the forms filled out ahead of time, you will experience very little waiting. After being greeted by our receptionist you will be brought back by one of our staff and go over the questions you have answered to verify the information. After we have completed your intake, you will then be taken to a treatment room. There, your therapist will ask you some questions about what is bothering you and evaluate your problem. This can include; strength testing, special tests and various other techniques to pinpoint the exact cause.

Depending on your diagnosis, after the evaluation, your therapist will lead you through therapeutic exercises and provide different treatments to help manage your injury.

After you have completed your initial therapy visit, you will be sent home with detailed instructions of the exercises shown to you that day as well as other information to help manage pain and swelling as well has help you get on the road to recovery. You will then stop by the front desk and schedule any future appointments as necessary.

How long do treatments usually last?
Your first visit, depending on diagnosis and other variables will take about an hour and a half to possibly two hours to complete. First visits usually take a little longer as our therapists like to take the time to make sure you understand what is going on and that you are confident in what we are doing.

As for daily visits, this varies greatly from person to person as well as diagnosis to diagnosis. Most patients take about an hour to an hour and a half to complete their protocols each day. Though we don’t recommend patients hurry through or skip exercises, if you need to be done by a certain time on a given day we can tailor the days treatments to fit your schedule

How often do I need to come?
Again, this question has a variety of answers. Typically patients will come two to three times per week. Of course this varies as to what your diagnosis is, how many visits you get from insurance/workers comp/etc., and how confident you are in your abilities to perform exercises at home. Because each patient is different, talk with your therapist about scheduling concerns you may have and they will work out a plan that fits you best.

What should I wear to therapy?
Though you can certainly wear whatever you like, we ask that it is appropriate for a professional environment and we also ask that you wear clothes that allow us the ability to properly evaluate any injury you may have as well as apply any modalities as needed.

We recommend lose fitting clothes like athletic shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts and sweatshirts that allow you to move freely as well as be comfortable and cool if you are performing exercises.

You may certainly bring a change of clothes and change in one of our treatment rooms before beginning your therapy and for those who sometimes forget, we also provide athletic shorts and shirts.

The exercises I performed seemed to aggravate my injury and I am not sure I want to continue, what should I do?
We understand that each person if different and the last thing we want to do is cause you more pain. If ANY exercise or other treatment technique causes your discomfort or pain, let us know immediately. We certainly don’t want you to discontinue coming because of discomfort or pain.

Our main goal is to get you on to a better pain free life, so if a treatment technique is not working for you, talk with your therapist and they will be happy to modify treatments until the pain subsides.

How does billing and payment work?
This depends on insurance type. Typically we will bill your insurance company and they will pay according to your plan after factoring your deductable and other variables. Any amounts not paid by insurance or other venues will be the responsibility of the account holder. As part of our policy, if your insurance requires a co-pay, we ask you pay before the days services are rendered. Insurance specific questions should be directed toward your insurance company, you can typically find their number on the back of your insurance card.

We also send account bills and statements once a month to keep patients updated on the status of their accounts.

What if I need to make changes, have a suggestion or do not want to continue with therapy?
Let us know! We welcome and encourage open communication with us and prefer you let us know if you want to make changes to your protocol, change the number of days you attend or, even though we would not like to see you go, be discharged from therapy.

We prefer you be up front and honest about things that may be of concern to you and talk with one of us so we can make it right. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings, we don’t want anyone to leave our clinic because they are not satisfied with their care. Patient feedback and satisfaction is what has got us where we are today and there is always room for suggestions and improvement!