Alter-G Scheduling


In order for us to benefit patients and community members, we ask community members to please call ahead to schedule your running time. Members may schedule one month (4 weeks) forward. Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot guarantee there will be time for you to run your full workout.


For the sake of other users, we ask you arrive promptly and ready to go. If you are late, regardless of reason, you will still be held to your end time and any minutes in your interval you missed will be forfeited.


If you must cancel, we ask you please be courteous enough to call and inform us so we can open the slot for other users. There is no penalty for cancelling.


Times are blocked out in 20 minute increments to allow 5 minutes for you to get setup and for the Alter-G to calibrate your body weight.


There is no limit to how many intervals you schedule for (as long as you have minutes) but you must remain inside your scheduled time frame so we don’t get behind schedule.


We do not have a waitlist for members waiting to use the Alter-G. It is the members responsibility to call and check if there are any open slots available for any given day or time.