Alter-G Membership Pricing

There are three memberships available to community members. Each membership has time intervals that must be used completely. Members may combine intervals to increase time for their visit as long as they are within their scheduled block.

“Casual Walker” (16 – 15 min intervals | 4 hours total) $84.00

This membership level allows you to workout in 15 minute intervals, perfect for someone who wants to do some light walking/jogging work.

“Weekend Warrior” (12 – 30 min intervals | 6 hours total) $90.00

This membership level allows you to workout in 30 minute intervals which is great for those who like to go for a nice run, but don’t want to place all that force on your joints that running of pavement can do.

“Marathoner” (12 – 60 minute intervals | 12 hours total) $108.00

This level is for the individual who loves running and lots of it. Marathon training can be hard on the lower extremities making it difficult to increase mileage. Training in the Alter-G along with regular “road workouts” allows you to increase your mileage without increasing force on joints. Marathoner members can workout in 60 minute intervals, perfect for preparing for that next race!
Current Session per Minute purchase ($0.50/minute)

You of course can also purchase individual minutes for your current session. Minutes are sold individually at $0.50/minute. Individual minutes purchased are for that day only.