Alter-G Guidelines


Members of the community who plan to purchase an Alter-G membership will need to buy their own running shorts ($75) from

During your trial period, we have shorts in the clinic to help you decide which size suits you best. Once purchased, you are responsible for your shorts bringing them with you and taking them home.

We ask that you bring separate running/workout shoes (especially in the winter) to prevent snow, sand, salt, gravel from getting in the chamber

Comfortable athletic shorts are recommended but you may wear sweatpants as well under the Alter-G shorts


Our Alter-G treadmill is equipped with a 19” TV with built in DVD player as well as 3 cameras to monitor your gait and stride. You may bring your own DVD or watch the cameras.

If you bring a DVD to watch we ask you also bring your own headphones to listen privately.

We also ask the DVD be appropriate for a professional environment.