Many Exstrom Physical Therapy patients have already started to benefit from exercising on the Alter-G. Now,┬ácommunity members are able to purchase a Alter-G membership that will allow them to walk, jog or run in the “reduced gravity” environment.

Now you will be able to jump start your rehab with the state-of-the-art Alter-G right here at Exstrom Physical Therapy. Along with standard physical therapy, this tool allows us to literally get patients back on their feet faster.

Of course, along with patient use, we want individuals in our community to experience and benefit from use of the Alter-G. From marathon and distance runners to those with joint pain and stiffness. The Alter-G allows for decreased weight-bearing on the lower extremities allowing for more comfortable and prolonged cardiovascular workout.

Want to see what the Alter-G is all about?

Feel free to stop by our clinic to pick-up a “G-Buck” and schedule a free 10 minute session and get some great advice and tips on how to get started with your running workout!

Alter-G Website

Alter-G can help improve quality of life by getting you back on your feet sooner, building strength and improving gait.

The Alter-G can also help to improve sports performance by allowing athletes to increase the volume of their cardiovascular training along with decreasing pressure and fatigue on joints.